Investment philosophy.

Our Core Investment Principles

While each Hall Capital client differs in their specific investment objectives, we adhere to the following core investment principles in our portfolios:

  • Maintain a long-term investment horizon — a key advantage that we believe our clients have over other investors
  • Invest our clients’ funds globally
  • Be unconstrained but highly selective about where to invest — we do not have to be everywhere
  • Target underlying investment managers who are flexible and opportunistic, because we believe their returns are more durable
  • Incorporate authentic diversification across drivers of value within fixed income, equities, hedge funds, private equity, and real assets
  • Prudently concentrate portfolios in high conviction investments. We believe this delivers better risk-adjusted returns over time
  • Focus on risk-adjusted returns. Define risk as the possibility of permanent capital impairment, not volatility, for most portfolios. Be sensitive to the volatility of portfolios in relation to distributions (to avoid unplanned realization of losses)
  • Focus on deep, fundamental research (companies, securities, and events)
  • Choose good partners. Partner with those we believe are among the best professional investors in the market to express our investment views
  • Assess potential/existing partners’ approaches to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) with respect to the strength and sustainability of their own organization, as well as the way they integrate DEI considerations into their investment strategy
  • Evaluate sustainability, environmental, social, and governance factors as possible value enhancement and/or risk mitigation