Diversity is at our core.

At our core is a belief that diversity of background and experience facilitates diversity of thought, which in turn drives better decisions and outcomes.

Hall Capital is a diverse, collaborative team of problem solvers, and our attention to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) shapes our culture of creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

We define diversity holistically across a multitude of factors, including (but not limited to) race/ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status and educational background.

As a woman founded firm with a senior leadership team that is 50% women, diversity is part of who we are.

We believe a culture that embraces multiple definitions of success and multiple paths to achieve that success facilitates our ability to empower, motivate, and retain a more diverse team.

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In 2017 we formed a Diversity & Inclusion task force, and in 2019 we expanded and formalized the group, creating a DEI Committee, which in partnership with the Management Committee leads our efforts in four key areas:

  • Firm culture, training, and education

  • Recruiting and retention

  • Engagement with investment managers

  • Broader Industry involvement

A few examples of the ways in which we strive to cultivate an inclusive culture:

  • Firm-wide unconscious bias and inclusivity training
  • Monthly DEI Committee office hours
  • Employee affinity groups
  • Inviting outside speakers to lead workshops and discussions
  • Organizing cultural events
  • Conducting an annual, anonymous DEI survey via our partnership with Pluto.1

We have also partnered with Dr. Tina Opie and Opie Consulting Group to conduct a DEI climate assessment, work intensively with leadership via her Shared SisterhoodTM program, and help us develop a multi-year strategic DEI plan.

DEI is also a key tenet of our investment philosophy and strategy.

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We are committed to further examining  and strengthening our own internal approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as well as being an active participant in the ecosystem. As an example, Hall Capital was an early signatory to the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion™ pledge in 2017.

We aim to broaden our pool of applicants by recruiting from more than 800 colleges and universities, including women’s colleges, Hispanic serving institutions, and historically Black colleges and universities. We also aim to do this by partnering with organizations that have a similar philosophy; we invite you to learn more about them as a way of getting to know us.

Our broader work also includes partnering with the following organizations, particularly in the area of bringing in a broader spectrum of talented candidates into the investment industry.

HCP Partner 

1 Pluto is an online platform that equips companies with the analytics and communication tools they need to support a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization. https://pluto.life/about