Full consequence investing.

Full Consequence Investing is a key component of our strategy.

Hall Capital Partners’ Full Consequence Investing (FCI) framework reflects our conviction that the pursuit of financial returns and thoughtful consideration of environmental and social investment outcomes are not only compatible but can also be mutually accretive. Incorporating sustainability themes into our investment process enables us to consider all of the consequences (positive and negative) and better understand investment risks and opportunities.

We think about Full Consequence Investing across a spectrum and assess the extent to which managers evaluate business model sustainability, as well as environmental, social and governance related factors as part of their investment process.

For over a decade, we have expanded our portfolio of investments where FCI factors are central to the strategy.

We have made many FCI investments over the years, in some cases acting as catalytic capital and working closely with managers as they create impact-oriented strategies. In 2015, we launched a dedicated FCI investment program focused on underlying investments of which impact and ESG factors are central to the strategy.

Impact investing manifests in many ways for our clients. Whether it involves investing in education technology platforms, innovative healthcare companies, affordable housing, renewable energy, or providing financial opportunities to people who otherwise would not have access, we are proud of our ability to help our clients have a positive impact on social and environmental issues through their investments.

“Full Consequence Investing®” is a registered trademark of Hall Capital Partners LLC.