To us, it’s personal.

We add only a handful of client relationships each year, and we work very hard to make ourselves indispensable to each one.

We tailor how we work to meet client needs across every aspect of our relationship, combining the scale and access of an institutional firm with high-touch, personalized service.

Our reputation has been built on our personal touch, not only managing portfolios for multi-generational families, endowments, and foundations, but also delivering strategic advice that extends beyond investment management.

Our Research Group provides a comprehensive understanding of markets and investment strategies, while our Portfolio Managers help navigate the best path to meet our clients’ specific objectives.

We are unconstrained in our rigorous evaluation and highly selective about where and how we invest. We partner with fund managers that have strong track records and deep market insights.

Our investment capabilities enable us to use creative, sound judgment in our pursuit of optimal outcomes for our clients, and they inform a singular investment philosophy that anchors each client portfolio.

Each relationship has a full-service team led by one or two of the firm’s Portfolio Managers who are responsible for the strategy, performance, and ongoing management of the portfolio.

We tailor our approach based on the needs of our clients, partnering with them in a variety of ways that go beyond the scope of traditional portfolio management.

Family Services

Since day one, we have provided timely, strategic advice to individuals and multi-generational families.

  • Integration of investment goals with estate planning, philosophical, and philanthropic goals
  • Substantial assistance with investment logistics
  • Preparation of cash flow projections for individual family members, trusts, and investment entities so that investment liquidity can be managed carefully
  • Collaboration with and coordination of other advisors, such as attorneys, accountants, and insurance advisors
  • Strategic oversight of family office functions
  • Education and mentoring of younger generations in financial and investment matters
  • Development and execution of philanthropic strategies
  • Serving as a thought partner on topics like impact investing and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in investing

Endowments & Foundations

Your Outsourced CIO

  • Assistance with refining the spending policy and performing spending analyses
  • Strategic advice on cash flow — advising on liquidity parameters, analyzing historical flows for private investments, and using projected cash flow analysis to anticipate rebalancing efforts
  • Engaging with donors and/or equipping Staff, Investment Committee, and/or advancement/fundraising team with the information they need to do so
  • Onboarding and educating new Trustees and Investment Committee members
  • Serving as a thought partner on topics like impact investing and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in investing

The clients’ names on this page are used with permission. It is not known whether the listed clients approve or disapprove of Hall Capital Partners LLC or its services. The list is a sub-set of our non-taxable clients to whom we provide full mandate OCIO services. It excludes a number of family foundations affiliated with family clients (whose identities we do not disclose without specific authorization) and a smaller number of public charities who choose to remain anonymous.