Customized Global
Multi-Asset Class Portfolios

Hall Capital uses investment judgment to build portfolios for a broad array of clients including families, endowments, and foundations. In partnership with our clients, we set investment goals and objectives (or a policy statement) and then establish mid-term and long-term asset allocation strategy. Next, we construct, monitor, and rebalance investment portfolios, and monitor the risk within portfolios. We review investment performance, themes, and actions at quarterly meetings with clients and communicate more frequently as needed.

We have meaningful resources dedicated to servicing our clients beyond managing investment assets. Our client teams create monthly balance sheets and performance estimates, and also prepare detailed quarterly reports including individual account reconciliations. Client teams also prepare all investment related documentation, facilitate wires for capital calls and distributions, and collect information for internal and tax reporting. We ensure accurate and timely execution of administrative services by coordinating the activities of client teams, operations, and administrative personnel.